How to Use Human-Centered Design to Deliver an Awesome User Experience

When visitors land on your website, you want their experience to be smooth and intuitive.

Understanding what human-centered design and user experience (UX) is and the differences between them help you serve up features and keep people engaged from the second they land on your page. Here’s how to make the most of users’ experience.

How to Optimize Your User Experience to Delight Your Target Audience

There are several ways you can build a positive experience for both your prospective and existing customers. 

Learn About Human-Centered Design.

Human-centered design is built around the people using your website. From concept to completion, the creator considers how each element impacts usability. This method looks at the problems the customer faces first and seeks solutions to those pain points. 

User experience is tied to human-centered design, but they are also distinct from one another. UX has to do more with accessibility and usability, but may not consider the emotions and psychological aspects of the person using the finished product. Ideally, UX and human-centered design work together to create a positive customer experience. 

UX and user-centered design work together in several ways. UX may be more at play as you design the interface, and then as you move toward engaging emotions, you’ll move more into user-centered design. 

The key thing to remember is that user-centered design considers every aspect of how humans interact with a website, store, app, or…

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