Congratulations! You’ve managed to build a following on Instagram, but what’s next? While having X number of followers might seem like the ultimate goal on the photo-sharing app, as a brand, you know that followers mean nothing if your products aren’t selling

Ultimately, achieving sales targets is what’s important to every business owner. Luckily for you ? of Instagram’s over one billion users have used the app to purchase a product. This means that there are hundreds of millions of Instagram users out there who can be your potential customers! 

Here’s how you can convert followers to consumers in a few easy steps: 

1. Be real

Nowadays posting overly staged photos and stock images will not work with consumers, especially on Instagram. It’s now all about being authentic and real and letting your followers see the humanity behind your brand. 

Glossier has built a cult following thanks to their use of “real people”.

Doing this is pretty simple and doesn’t have to cost anything at all. You can start by sharing photos of employees, behind-the-scenes moments, and snippets of what goes on behind creating your products. Instead of investing time and effort to set up a professional shoot just for content, all you need is a smartphone, some willing employees, and a great photo editing app

Another way to appear authentic and strengthen your brand image is by reposting user-generated content. This will not only make your followers feel appreciated, but it might…

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