How to teach an old blog new SEO tricks

30-second summary:

  • It’s common for organic search traffic to a website or old blog to decline over time.
  • While some of the factors causing that are outside the site owner’s control, part of the reason is likely related to problems that gradually build up on the site.
  • Obsolete content, broken links, and technical issues are among the correctable items that can help reverse declining search traffic.
  • Principal and senior digital marketing consultant at Webbiquity LLC, Tom Pick shares a nine-step process to identify and fix your old blog site’s problems and regain organic traffic growth.

Do you ever feel like Google has fallen out of love with your old blog or website? Sure, there’s still acknowledgment, but the spark is gone, and the (traffic) relationship is no longer growing? Fear not, there is hope. You can rekindle those rankings. Here’s what to do.

If you’ve been working in digital marketing or SEO for a while, you’ve likely run into this situation: a new website/blog is launched. It’s got great content, is well optimized, and is supported by social media efforts. Traffic is modest at first but grows quickly and dramatically.

And then at some point, growth slows, particularly from organic search. It may even fall back a bit. And then it sort of bumps along. You keep adding relevant, high-quality new content, but the needle barely…

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