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The best platform for starting an online store is Shopify. That’s what we use for all of our ecommerce websites. Creating your online store, is just 1 of 6 critical steps, which this guide will take you through in detail.

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There’s a bunch of things to think about when starting an online store:

  • What tool do you build your store with?
  • What do you name your company and how do you get a domain?
  • Do you dropship or not?
  • How do you deal with taxes?

All of these are important decisions. For now, one thing matters more than anything else to get your first sale.

What’s that one thing?

Your marketing.

That’s right, how you choose to market your store completely determines how much money you’ll make. Get the marketing right, everything else falls into place. Get it wrong or neglect it, you’ll spend years on your store without selling a single item.

There’s 6 Steps to Starting and Launching Your Online Store

  1. Pick your marketing strategy.
  2. Find the right product niche.
  3. Pick a name for your brand.
  4. Create your online store.
  5. Do a 60-day marketing burst.
  6. Build your marketing flywheel.

Step 1: Pick Your Marketing Strategy

Before you open your online store, you need to pick your marketing strategy. Don’t even look at templates for your storefront, or color palettes, or logo designs, or…

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