How to Spy on Your Competitor’s SEO in 60 Seconds

Have you ever searched for a term on Google and wished that your website ranked for it?

You know that if that traffic was going to you, it could change your sales, your revenue, and even your life.

But sadly, that traffic is going to your competition. 🙁

Well, today we are going to change that. I just released a new version of the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension that will give you insights into your competition’s SEO strategy so you can beat them…

Introducing the new Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

I’m going to show how to spy on your competitor’s SEO and outrank them, but first, you need to install the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension. It’s quick to do and it’s free.

Once you install it, I want you to head to one of your competitor’s websites and click on the “U” in your Chrome toolbar.

When you click on it, you’ll get data on any popular site.

You’ll see data on the right side, and, as you scroll, you’ll see more data.

The reason I added this feature to the Ubersuggest extension is to give you better access to your competitor’s SEO strategy.

That way you can outrank them.

Let’s go over each report of the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension and how you can use it to outrank your competition.

How to outrank your competition

First off, when you click on the “U” you’ll see traffic overview stats.

This gives you an idea if your competition has more traffic than you. If they do, then you should consider copying their SEO strategy.

If they don’t,…

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