Break Down Your Writing Process Into Steps

In this post I’m going to show you how to scale your content marketing.


In fact, this process has helped me publish 326,649 words of blog content over the last year.

Plus: a new flagship course, dozens of social media posts, email newsletters, YouTube video scripts, and more.

And in today’s post I’ll show you exactly how I scaled up.

Step #1: Break Down Your Writing Process Into TINY Steps

I used to think of “writing content ” as a single step.

But I recently learned that creating content is actually made up of several smaller steps.

Back in the day, I’d do all of these steps myself. Which meant that I could only publish a new post every 4-6 weeks.

Fortunately, because I focused 100% on quality over quantity, the Backlinko blog grew like crazy… even though I didn’t publish that often.

Backlinko – Initial Blog Growth

But at a certain point, traffic to the blog started to stall.

Backlinko – Initial Blog Traffic Started To Stall

And I realized that it was pretty much impossible to grow a blog past a certain point with only 10-12 posts per year.

I also realized that I didn’t need to execute every single step myself.

In other words:

I could focus on the stuff that I was good at (like keyword research and writing). And get help with the things I wasn’t good at (editing, design, visuals).

Which helped my content creation process go from this:

Writing Process With Tasks Assigned To Brian

To this:

Process With Tasks Assigned To Others

Now that I have a team helping me out with content, we published 3x more blog content last year than ever before.

Without sacrificing quality.


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