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How to Save Time and Make Your Life Easier with Keyboard Applications

How many times have you tried to register for something, or typed in a long wifi password, only to get an error message?

There are few things more frustrating than having to retype those small and impossibly long codes, over and over again. What about those long and repetitive registration forms when booking an airline flight or hotel room – even registering for a new service – like a bank or mobile phone provider.

Needless to say, human brains just aren’t built for manually entering lists of jumbled numbers and letters over and over again. To make it worse, the errors caused by misreading a number are more common than we all care to admit – and incredibly frustrating at that! 

That’s why people who are tired of manually typing data are downloading keyboard applications to make their everyday life easier.

But I’m not talking about the latest Giphy or Emoji Keyboard. I’m talking about those that will actually change how you interact with and collect data on a daily basis. Be it for registration forms or simply sharing information in a message or email, this technology is worth knowing about.

Introducing keyboard scanner apps

Keyboard scanner apps save the user time by enabling them to scan data with their phone’s camera, and then paste it anywhere, like in a browser, email, or messaging app.

It looks just like a normal keyboard that you use on any app on your phone. The difference is that you can click a ‘scan’ button to capture data instead of typing. For…

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