How to Remove Outdated Content from Google

Even if you edit or remove outdated content from your own web pages, that information can still appear as cached data or snippets in Google’s search results for weeks or even months. 

Thankfully, you can manually request for content to be scrubbed by using Google’s Content Removal Tool!

Simply make a request for Google to remove any outdated content and voilà — in roughly 24 hours or so, you’ll be good to go.

This article will explain step by step:

  • How to use Google’s handy Remove Outdated Content Tool for pages and images
  • How long it takes Google to remove outdated content upon request
  • When to use the tool and when you shouldn’t
  • And how to efficiently monitor your web page

Let’s dig into the details of removing content with the help of Google.

What Is the Google Remove Outdated Content Tool & Where to Find It

To summarize, the tool is used to remove outdated content from a page appearing in Google’s search results. 

Ready to use the tool? You can find it in Google Search Console. It’s configured as a simple form so making a request is a no-brainer.

Alternatively, you can type “remove outdated content tool” into Google, and we’re confident that the SERPs will get you where you need to be!

Keep in mind that all submissions are manually checked, so there will be no immediate action. Google will remove specific content and related caches over several days or weeks (depending on the site’s crawl rate).

If you want to remove a specific image the process is…

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