Set a Realistic Business Development Direction

If you don’t have the bigger picture behind your SEO proposal set, you won’t know where you end up.

“The forecast is a great sense check on why you are doing this in the first place,” Gibbons says.

This is the step in which creating a forecasting scenario gives you the right overview of the size of the opportunity. You not only get to evaluate if it’s the right lead for your agency but also if SEO is the right choice for the lead’s current business potential.

“You need to give them confidence that the results are realistic. If you’re a new retail brand with little organic visibility and poor brand awareness/reputation, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to start ranking competitively for ‘sportswear’ or ‘skirts’ overnight,” Gibbons explains.

How to Prove SEO ROI & Overall Business Impact

“Your forecast model should take into account your current opportunity versus the size of the market, and break it down into achievable bite sizes so that eventually you can eat that elephant – but you start one achievable bite at a time,” he adds.

SEOmonitor’s forecasting methodology allows you to model the data taking into account all the right inputs that influence your targeted keywords, to create a realistic scenario:

  • The CTR value – the average CTR curve for the top 10 positions on each individual combination of SERP features and devices.
  • The inertial trend of the non-brand organic traffic, based on search seasonality only (as if the website’s…

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