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Podcast SEO: How to Optimize Your Podcast For Search Engines

Even though they have to compete with other well established content delivery platforms such as videos and blogs, podcasts have made a name and place for themselves.

The Google 2019 update also tipped the scales further in podcast’s favor by enabling them to show up in search engines. Indexing of podcasts will help show audio content directly in search engines for users to consume.

Let us look in detail at what exactly podcast SEO is and how to go about this rapidly growing platform.

Why do podcasts need SEO?

Before we go ahead, it is safe to say that your content needs to be top-notch if you ever stand a chance to rank in search engines. No amount of SEO can come to the rescue if your content is not worth it.

Ever since the Google update, podcast SEO simply means you can reach out to audiences who have never heard of you before. In fact, people who are not specifically searching for a podcast can turn up at your podcast if it satisfies the intent with which the user was searching.


Podcasts are widely used to advertise and market products/services nowadays. As more people consume podcasts, it is becoming extremely necessary to understand and take appropriate action to get your podcasts to rank in searches.

I will cover podcast SEO in two major parts: SEO for podcasts and SEO for podcast episodes.

SEO for podcasts

#1. Focus keyword

You need to decide and then focus on the keyword with which users will look up for your podcast on Google. If your niche is super competitive and…

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