How to Optimize Your Content and Business Listing for Voice Search

We are in a voice search revolution — or at least that’s what the internet would have you believe. 

Nearly 40% of all internet users in the US and a third of its total population (111.8 million people) are users of voice search. And studies suggest its popularity is only going to continue to grow, with an expected 9.7 percent increase to 122.7 million users by 2021.

Voice search is being used on mobile phones, smart speakers, laptops, and desktops. In fact, 49% of Amazon Echo and Google Home users say they cannot imagine life without one. 

Whatever your feelings towards voice search may be, it’s important to ensure your business is in the best possible position should anything change (whether that’s voice search falling off the face of the earth or its popularity skyrocketing beyond belief).

Can you optimize for voice search?

Optimizing for voice search is not black and white. Like other types of search results, there are things you can do to increase your chances of surfacing for voice search, but just because you do these things doesn’t mean your content will get read aloud.

Given the convenience aspect of voice search, it’s being used in more places than ever before. 

With the apparent rise in popularity of voice search, basic local SEO techniques remain as relevant as ever.

Increasing your chances of getting found

There are many ways to try to surface for voice search queries. Here I will explain the easiest ways to increase your chances of appearing…

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