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Who could’ve expected that 2020, the year of “clear vision,” would include so many monumental events and milestones?

A global pandemic. Protests for racial justice. Hundreds of thousands of acres of burning land. Record unemployment. Perhaps the most consequential election of a lifetime.

As marketers, we’re facing daily challenges that are upending our lives, let alone the day-to-day functions of our teams and organizations. And it’s precisely our resilience that can help us make a difference this holiday season.

So, focus your sights on this moment, and deliver an experience that so many people are looking for right now—one that’s compassionate, forward-thinking, positive, and creative.

Here are just a few ideas for making your ad campaigns relevant and inspiring this year. For more detailed tactics you can use this season, download our 2020 Holiday Retail Guide.

Bring the celebration

Because of the pandemic, many people are even more excited to celebrate the holidays than in years past. It’s okay to hype up the holiday season and depict traditional images of holiday joy.

People are very much looking for an escape, figuratively and literally—for example, although air travel has understandably been down because of COVID-19, car travel is up 14% from 2019, as road trips and RV rentals have become a popular, safer alternative.

As we approach what’s typically one of the most…

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