Transcript: All right, today we’re going to look at how to evaluate how well our ads are doing on Google AdWords. Today, we’re specifically going to focus on the keywords that we’re using. We’re going to take a look at how much we’re spending per click, and we’ll look at quality scores, we’re going to look at conversions, the click through rate, and then we’re going to decide whether or not we want to keep a keyword running or pause that keyword. Now on mys screen here, this is the Google AdWords beta that I’m using. Your screen may look a little bit differently, and they’re constantly changing. Over here, what I’m able to do, let me just close that. You’re going to start off in “Campaigns.” You’re going to go down to “Add Groups,” and you’re going to go to “Keywords.” Up here, you’re actually able to change, if you’re seeing all of your paused keywords as well. Like for example, a lot of times you’ll just see all, and actually in this mix I’ve got all my ones running but I have a lot that are paused. I can change this to say “just show me all that are enabled.”

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