How to Master Local Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important activities in SEO, and should be at the top of any priority list when it comes to digital marketing. 

For any beginners, keyword research is the process of finding the words that potential customers use to find solutions to their problems. 

Essentially, every time somebody searches the internet, they are using keywords. 

This means that keyword research is a prerequisite for building an effective local SEO and content strategy. If you don’t know the types of terms people are searching for, how are you going to plan and write content that attracts and converts them?

There are also things specific to local SEO that will help take localized organic performance to new heights. 

How to Master Local Keyword Research

Which is why we’re proud to announce the next free course to land in BrightLocal Academy: “How to Master Local Keyword Research”.

This highly-practical course has been created in collaboration with local search expert Claire Carlile. Newcomers to the local keyword research game can use this course as a step-by-step guide, while industry veterans will find a wealth of new techniques and tools to take their skills to the next level.

Over nine lessons, Claire shares her knowledge on what types of local keywords you can, and should, target, and also how to:

  • Write a keyword seed list 
  • Expand your keyword list using free tools
  • Create a comprehensive keyword profile
  • Bucket your keywords and prioritize them

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