How To Master Content Writing Tactics
A couple of years ago, a client hired me to write a piece of content. They’re in the SaaS space in the HR industry and the topic for the article was “the cost of hiring”. That was my keyword and the main aim was to show how much it costs to hire an employee. That’s all I knew and armed with that knowledge, I rolled up my sleeves and had a go at it.

After two days of work, the post was finished and live on their blog. A couple of months later and the post has more than 1,000 backlinks from over 500 referring domains and it ranks for more than 500 organic keywords.

How did that all happen? I wrote a solid piece of content back in 2019 and it was picked up by Glassdoor, the well-known HR website. After they linked to it, more links started coming to the article.

The reason for all of that success from a single article was research. Instead of writing another listicle with X Things To Know When… I wrote a comprehensive guide on the cost of hiring. It was relatively easy to do, with so much data available out there.

I found what the average cost of onboarding, replacing and hiring a new employee was. The sources for this were widely available online. I used the chance to link to these sources to make my research more credible and backed with data and facts.

Now here is the thing. Google and other search engines will determine the quality of your content according to a number of factors. One of those factors are the external links you have pointing from your piece to other…

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