How to Make a Dramatic Career Shift, According to a Freelancer Who Made $3 Million

For many of us, New Years Resolutions likely include less social media, more time with friends, or a renewed focus on health and wellness (which is probably why my gym is packed throughout the month of January … ).

And, as it turns out, there’s another popular New Years Resolution for many people in 2020 — a career shift.

In fact, a new study from Fiverr and YouGov shows over half of American workers (59%) want to make changes to their careers in the new year.

Among other things, these changes include location shifts, industry shifts, the ability to work remote, or a desire to pursue a passion.

If you’re one of the 6 out of ten interested in a career shift, you’re in luck. Here, we’ve interviewed top Fiverr freelancer Charmaine Pocek — who’s made over $3 million on Fiverr helping people with career moves — to determine her five tips for drastically changing your career in 2020.

Tip #1: Think long and hard about what you’re passionate about.

“Our likes and dislikes change a lot over time, whether it’s the food we eat, the music we listen to, or even the people we choose to hang out with. That’s why before making a change, it’s always a good idea to reflect on what you feel strongly about in your life and career. Think about what you like to do outside of work. But, also, think about the things you like about your job and how those could transfer elsewhere.” Pocek advises.

She continues, “Do you travel a lot, does your company give you the opportunity to work…

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