Google Analytics SEO ROI

Determining the value of SEO ROI (return on investment) can be tricky. The metrics used to track SEO success don’t provide ROI in themselves, but rather lead on to opportunities for profit, such as increased traffic and visibility in the SERPs.

While it can be challenging, it’s important to determine your ROI because that’s what sells SEO to prospective clients.

But beyond that, how do you convey the return on investment that SEO can provide to prospects during a first pitch? While you might understand the impact of SEO, your clients may need more help. 

The issue can become even more complicated when pitching to local businesses — prospects might not see the value of SEO when their customers are already based within their physical catchment area.

In this piece, we touch on the key metrics of SEO value and look at a few ways you can convey this ROI value during your pitch to clients.

How do you measure the value of SEO?

SEO value can be measured against any number of elements. There are hundreds of metrics available to monitor, but when pitching SEO value to clients, it’s important just to focus on a few.

This lets you build up a picture of your site that is more manageable and easier to understand — rather than looking at lots of metrics, focus on the important ones that make a big difference.

Organic traffic is one essential metric to focus on (example above), but Search Engine Land cite a few examples of key metrics that can help you measure SEO (and…

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