8 Elements that Make Your Next Piece of Content Even Better than Your Last

Content creation can feel a lot like spinning plates.

Once you have one element rolling along, there’s another you need to attend to, and another, and another …

Let’s go through a complete piece of effective content for your business, from headline to CTA.

On Monday, I described the difference between clickbait and a damn good headline. You need a headline that grabs attention if you want someone to open your content, but you can’t abuse your power as a headline writer.

Check out the post to get a 3-step tutorial for writing better, audience-focused headlines — starting today.

Do you know how to write a damn good headline?

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It’s a powerful tool that helps you position your business for greater success. And if you earn a Certified Content Marketer badge to display on your website, prospective clients see that you have the training they’re looking for … and they’ll feel more confident hiring you.

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On Tuesday, Sonia Simone led us from our powerful headline into content that doesn’t waste anyone’s time. In attempt to be entertaining, the main point of our…

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