Ad testing is just a normal part of living the PPC life. We can already test a variety of copy variations for our headlines and our descriptions. Any way we can make a better connection with our target audience is a win in the ad testing books. If you are running out of ideas on what to test next for your Microsoft Ads campaigns, consider trying IF functions.

An example of an ad with IF functions via Microsoft Advertising.

IF functions are a feature that allow advertisers to change the ad message for different sets of users within the same text ad. Here, I will show you how to set up IF functions in your Microsoft text ads and some audience ideas you may want to consider testing.

How to create IF functions in your text ads

IF functions are an ad customizer feature within Microsoft Ads. So when you are creating a new expanded text ad within your search campaigns, you can trigger the ad customizer selector with an opening curly brace or “{“ symbol. Since IF functions are not the only ad customizer within Microsoft Ads, you will see a few other options.

set up view for Microsoft IF functions

After you select the IF function option, you will have the option to customize your ad copy by either the device the user is using or the audience they belong to, and I’ll talk more about each.

Device-based IF functions

Users behave differently on mobile versus desktop devices. The intent of why the user was searching on Bing means we may want to change the voice in our ad copy to…

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