If I were a client looking for a massage therapist in my town I would first want to know a bit more about you. Being new to the place and without a word of mouth recommendation I need to first find your massage therapy business, then find out who you are and WHAT YOU KNOW .

As a client I really do not care that much about where and when you went to school, and about the twenty different services you offer. If I'm going to let you work on my body I want to know that you're going to take an extra care of me, listen to me, and apply all your knowledge to help ME get rid of my pain and stress.

I am that client you could have for life, loyal to the bone, I will follow you to the end of the earth …

So how, as a massage therapist can you get those clients lining up at your door? How do you improve your chances of people finding your business, becoming very loyal clients, and paying you what you are worth.


You've heard the terms: social marketing, relationship marketing, internetwork marketing. Use the internet! In the Web 2.0 age, even the ultimate non-techie massage therapist can participate. You do not have to get an expensive web-site. You do not have to spend hours and hours e-mailing and blogging away. There are some very easy steps you can learn in as little as a day that will let you set up a few web pages. In no time you can be on the web and show me that you are a professional therapist that knows his stuff!

For instance- To become the massage expert in your area you could write a few articles about massage topics you love, and submit them on the web for free. How about an article on the stretching technique you apply in your massage that works every time! Add value for your client and show them how you can follow through at home with a few photos.

How about writing about the special time you take for consultations. How important a consultation is to the success of a massage. Write about the incredible class you attended on aromatherapy and how you incorporated that into your work. Of course, all these articles give people your business name and town so they can find you.

Facebook now lets you dedicate a page to your business. Do you have a personal Facebook page? Well, stop spending all that time chattering with your friends and connecting in a business way with your clients. You can give lots of fantastic information to them by "writing on the wall" for your fans. Clients will be adding your info to their pages and are now advertising YOU. For free!

Have you heard about Squidoo? A great place to showcase your knowledge and link to Facebook. All the while showing a professional picture of you too. This client is starting to get to know you, and she likes what she sees and hears!

And then there's YouTube and another hundred sites where you could add videoclips showcasing your business and what you can do for your client.

Are you seeing the picture come together? You are becoming the expert in your local area, showing up when people Google you locally, and most likely across the state too if you put in the work. Teach people what you know, put up your picture, and above all be you, the professional you .

With a little web-presence and making sure your name and place where you practice are attached as keywords and tags, clients will find you through their browser search engines. With a little knowledge of adding other monetization principles to your web-presence you could even add some other income streams to the mix. You are going to be way ahead of the game, soaring above every other therapist in your area.

Wishing you a fantastic, fun, and prosperous massage therapy business.

Source by Yvonne Lewis