How do you gain traffic in 2021?

There are many ways to do this, in terms of the organic SEO strategy. Maybe you will target the news. Maybe you will target Google Discover. Maybe you will churn out lots of high-quality content that rank naturally.

But, ultimately, it is a matter of time vs return on investment (ROI) – is it better to create 5 new high-quality articles, that gain 100 views a month each, or to improve an existing article, from 2,000 views a month to 10,000 views a month?

This is what a lot of people seem to forget – there is huge potential to improve existing articles to up their evergreen organic traffic.

But, how do you do this? Here is a proven technique I use to achieve just this, with a real example to accompany it.


#1 SEMRush/Ahrefs Keyword Research

The first step is to understand what articles are worth your time improving. This does not necessarily mean improving the highest-traffic articles – they likely have high traffic because they rank in the top 3 – the trick is to improve the content that rank on keywords that gain positions 4-20. This is because:

  • Google has crawled this content and deemed it is of good enough content to rank relatively high
  • Just not good enough to those above it
  • So there are huge areas of gains from improving such content.

Make a list of keywords that you rank for, that gain lots of traffic, but you don’t necessarily rank high for.


#2 Content Analyzer with Surfer SEO

With such keywords produced from…

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