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How to Improve Lead Scoring and Lead Segmentation With Interactive Content

Generating leads isn’t always enough. More than often, it’s only the first step to a long process of conversion.

It’s important to make sure that these generated leads are targeted in the right way, with the right kind of content to maximize the possible benefits.

This is where the processes of lead segmentation and lead scoring come into the picture.

Lead segmentation is the process of categorizing leads on the basis of different parameters like demographics, industry, geographical location, etc.

Lead scoring on the other hand refers to assigning a priority status to a lead depending on how suitable the company is for the lead’s needs and vice versa. There is a set of factors that helps in measuring a lead’s score.

Both these processes are very crucial to a buyer’s journey and can be made easy with the help of a little something called interactive content.

Interactive content refers to calculators, quizzes, assessments, chatbots, and much more that offer an engaging way of dealing with a user. It asks for information and offers real-time, personalized results in exchange. It makes it more conducive to generating a larger database.

Read on to learn exactly how you can use interactive content to segment and score leads. I’ll take a deep dive into the world of calculators and quiz makers.

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