A Happy Marriage of Paid Social & Paid Search

As brands embrace the reality that paid search is a last-click platform, how will they achieve a true understanding of the customer’s journey?

For her SEJ eSummit session, Susan Wenograd, Director of Paid Acquisition at Nextiva, shares how you can move beyond simply pushing for conversion and leverage what you know about your paid social users to further improve your paid search results.

Here’s a recap of her presentation.

A Happy Marriage of Paid Social & Paid Search

What’s Happened to Paid Media?

There was a time when we only had paid search.

It was simplistic media with simplistic measurement – you bid high and on whatever keywords you wanted.

There were just click-through rates and conversions on desktop – and that was it.

It was a simpler environment.

Media was also either free (i.e., organic) or it was a lot cheaper. Costs per click were lower.


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There was a lot of free reach on Facebook. It didn’t have the high-stakes feel that it does now because it didn’t cost anything.

We’ve also seen creative interfaces starting to evolve more.

It used to just be text ads or a simple newsfeed ad with a static image.

Now there are video and other interactive elements, such as polling and collections ads, that are giving media buyers more power in how they communicate with potential customers.

All of these changes also mean it’s a lot more to track and keep up with.

The very same users are also on multiple platforms.

They’re on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and more – consuming…

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