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You probably know the feeling. You’re Googling for a term you’d (like to) rank for and you see a competitor that has a search result that looks incredible. It has star ratings or an image, or both. Or it might have a video, or some other thing. These are so-called rich results. They stand out in a way that makes them impossible to ignore for users. There are a lot of them and Google is continuing to add new ones. So, what types of rich results are there and how do you get your own great looking Google results? Let’s go over the list!

Rich results and how to get them

If you compare search results over the last ten years, you’ll probably notice something: there’s an ever-increasing number of highlighted search results or “special” search features. Search engines use these so-called rich results to make the search results more insightful for users. This way, complex information can be presented in more friendly ways.

For many, getting a rich result for a specific piece of content can be an important goal. The results stand out and tend to generate quite a few clicks. Also, getting your content shown as a rich result is something like a stamp of approval by Google. In a sea of content, your content was selected for a rich result….

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