Billed as one of BrightLocal’s ‘11 Women in Local SEO Doing Great Things Right Now’, Crystal Horton is a fount of knowledge and always happy to share her wisdom. That’s why we decided to enlist her help to guide you through the process of getting Facebook recommendations. Read on to learn how you too can grow your Facebook recommendations in a few simple steps.

With over 80 million businesses listed on Facebook, 1 in 3 consumers use the platform to specifically look for recommendations. But, what we have discovered is that many business owners are uncertain about how to get started and what steps to take to gather recommendations quickly and easily. Business owners come to us (at Accelerate Marketing), often asking what types of reviews will produce results for their business and how to access their recommendation link. 

Why do Facebook recommendations matter?

Facebook Recommendations provide a simple way for potential customers to find and interact with a local business. In a recent Brightlocal review survey it was discovered that:

Over the last two years, Facebook has made Recommendations more important on Pages. People ask their friends for recommendations on where to go, what to eat, and how to shop. Recommendations are like a living, breathing word of mouth beast! 

Did you know that a Facebook Page has the potential of bringing in 50% of new customers? Local communities are built by passionate people who have a common interest to sustain and grow their…

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