keyword suggestion tool

It’s important that your website can be found for the right keywords. SEOprofiler offers many tools that help you to find the best keywords for your business. One of these tools is the keyword suggestion tool. It helps you to find good keywords that will attract many new customers to your website.

How to find good keywords with the keyword suggestion tool

Working with the keyword suggestion tool is easy. Select ‘Suggestion tool’ in the ‘Find keyword’ section in the menu in SEOprofiler and enter your keyword:

Comprehensive information about all keywords

The keyword suggestion tool has a lot of information about each keyword. The initial results table shows everything at a glance:

  • Collect keywords: Click the checkbox next to the keywords that you want to use for your Google Ads campaigns. The keyword will then be added to the temporary keyword list.
  • Refine suggestions: The first column shows the keyword suggestions. Click a keyword to refine the suggestions for this keyword.
  • Monthly search volume and progression: The second column shows the average number of monthly searches for the keyword. The chart next to the keyword shows the monthly search volume from January to December. Click the chart or the search number to view the keyword details box (see below).
  • Cost per click: The “CPC” (cost per click) column shows the cost per click when you advertise for the keyword on Google Ads.
  • Competition: The “Competition” column shows how many websites advertise for the…

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