The Best Ways To Find An Email Address

Email marketing is important. Whether you’re trying to contact someone for an affiliate or partnership, or just looking to build your email list and strengthen your leads, getting those email addresses and getting your content in front of the right eyes can make all the difference to your marketing campaign, and your company overall. There are plenty of search tips and tricks to improve your email list.

When you can’t find the information you need on your own, the solution can be found with tools like Clearbit extension for Gmail, or Snovio. Most people’s information is available online, but using unscrupulous channels, such as buying email lists can negatively impact your business, and your relationship with customers, clients, and other businesses.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve found the right contact info, make sure your email fits the person behind it. Don’t blast emails out with the same, generic message. This will not only give you a low conversion rate but might get you flagged as spam. And that would be a waste of all your contact finding efforts. If you’re not sure how to create a well-written tailored email, there are plenty of copywriters available who can do this for you. After all, they are used to pitching stories tailored to various types of outlets. So why not apply the same principle to a prospective client? Asides from their email address, there is plenty of information available online the writer can use to personalize your emails.

So make sure your precision in targeting doesn’t stop at the quality of the contact info but is applied to the content of your emails as well.


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