Focus on optimizing your images to be pin-worthy for pinterest traffic

How To Drive 3x More Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest

Pinterest is often overlooked by blog owners trying to grow their platform and drive more traffic to it.

The reason for this lies on the surface – on a number of occasions Pinterest is considered to be a rather niche website that is most suitable for blogs that focus on cooking, DIY, fashion and design, etc. Hence, a stereotypically ‘female’ website that works best for the appropriate blogs.

Such an idea is backed up by the statistics of the website. Indeed, Pinterest is dominated by the aforementioned niches as the top 30 Pinners are food, fashion, design, and wedding bloggers.

this very reason, Pinterest is rarely included at the top of the lists of the
most popular platforms to turn to in order to drive more traffic to your blog.
Usually, such online guides are focused on learning how to maximize the
effectiveness of exploiting Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for social media
exposure and, subsequently, increased levels of attention to the platform you
are promoting through those.

it does not make Pinterest any less suitable for those bloggers who do not fall
into any of the categories stated above. If anything, it gives them some sort
of a ‘first-mover’s advantage’ and allows them to become a leader in their
niche more easily. Entry barriers for blogs operating in other markets are
significantly lower, which is explained by the lower levels of competition
within the website.

and more large businesses and corporations such as Apple and…

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