Would you like to take your local business to a new level? Launching a solid, well-planned local link building and PR outreach strategy is an effective way to generate traffic, grow your brand, and build local backlinks!

What is PR Outreach?

PR outreach is a marketing process in which a company contacts various publications in order to build coverage. It’s commonly conducted by email, although additional methods like social media messages and phone calls may also be used from time to time.

More often than not, the purpose of outreach is to gain press coverage. With that in mind, I’ll be referring to outreach targets (i.e. people you are contacting) as “press prospects”.

Define Your Goals

Depending on your goals, outreach tactics will vary. Public relations and outreach can mainly be used to:

  • Generate traffic and get your local business known to prospective customers. In this case your outreach and PR tactics will be narrowed down to local publications.
  • Get backlinks to rank your domain in organic search results (beyond the local 3-pack). In this case you will reach out to publications outside of your location.

You may have both of these goals in mind, but if you’re at an early stage of reaching out to press prospects then I suggest starting with location-based outreach:

  • It should be easier to figure out. Local reporters and bloggers won’t be as bombarded with emails, so they’ll be more likely to reply.
  • Local link building will probably send both traffic…

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