There’s something special about attending an in-person conference or industry event. The adrenaline rush of going to pick up your nametag on the first day. The opening keynote that gets everyone in the room buzzing. The networking breaks where you awkwardly introduce yourself to strangers and mingle over tiny sandwiches. (OK, maybe that’s just me.)

This year though, almost every single conference and event has been either delayed or canceled. COVID-19 has put a pause on large group gatherings of all kinds, and many event organizers have been left scrambling to figure out what they can or should do as an alternative.

One option is to take your event online and run a webinar (or perhaps, a series of webinars), instead. But can you really replicate all that buzz, networking, and opportunity over a laptop screen? How can you possibly do a webinar that’s as exciting as an in-person event?

Charlene Ditch, Founder and CEO of Charlene Kate Events, says the potential is there for marketers who are prepared to put in the effort:

We’re navigating a new world and while we must adapt, we still have to be thoughtful in how we deliver the attendee experience. It’s an exciting time to be an event marketer and I’m confident that if we are strategic and intentional about the way we message, market, and execute—we can deliver something magical.”

Here at Unbounce, we know from experience that Charlene speaks the truth. Our team has years of experience running everything from…

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