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Work from home, wearing masks out in public, social distancing, and of course, baking an endless amount of banana bread: this is life these days and has been for weeks now. As we become more and more ingrained in our socially distanced, quarantined, COVID-19 lifestyles, one thing is for certain: People are looking for more ways to welcome any sort of normalcy in their lives. This includes taking walks around the neighborhood, staying connected with friends and family via video calls, and continuing to keep ourselves busy at home with work and various projects that have been put off for years.

Most aspects of our lives these days are out of sync. But, if there’s one thing that has been particularly abnormal, it’s the tsunami of cliche advertisements that have  been released to the world in the last 6 weeks. Take this compilation of recent commercials, and it’s pretty obvious that every COVID-19 commercial is the same. *Cue somber piano music.*

Many companies releasing Coronavirus ads are telling the same stories. “We are here for you through uncertain times.” “We will get through this together.” “Our services are available to help you from the safety and comfort of your home.” And you’ll probably hear some sort of mention about “people” or “family” being a top priority.

This lack of diversity in advertisements certainly makes sense. Creative teams are tasked with the unique…

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