Consumers make more than 160 billion searches per month on Google while the Google Display Network enables you to display your ad on over 2 million websites and apps. Google Ads gives you tools to reach users. From this webinar you will know understand what these tools are and how to use them.

I will also explain what a PPC strategy is so that you can create your own and take control of your campaigns.

You will then realize how not only to use PPC to buy traffic, but how to have PPC pay for itself to create a sustainable money making machine for the website (or app) that you’re promoting.

Some of the topics I will cover are:
– Developing a PPC Campaign Strategy
– Building Sales Funnels and Testing
– Google Search Adverting
– Keyword Research
– Shopping Campaigns (PLA)
– Display Advertising (GDN)
– Universal App Campaigns (mobile app campaigns)
– Bidding & Budgeting