How to Delight & Retain People to Drive Revenue

Money can’t buy happiness. Or can it? The adage may be popular, yet increasing revenue is on everyone’s list of main goals. And while striving for it is certainly logical, the only way to achieve it is to make customers happy.

But what does that mean? You can ask a hundred people what makes them happy, and you’ll likely get one hundred different answers. Yet, from a business perspective, there are several common denominators. And finding out what they are will get you on that proverbial yellow brick road. 

What Is Customer Happiness?

Customer happiness is the key to your success. It defines not only how satisfied a person is with your service or product, but with the entire customer experience.

Let’s take that even further — a customer will be happiest when you exceed their expectations. That’s when they’ll rave about your business to everyone they know and keep coming back. 

Stats on Customer Happiness and Retention

When it comes to customer satisfaction and retention, the numbers speak for themselves. And if you’re not paying attention, your revenue will feel it. Consider this: 

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