How to Define Your Target Market (w/ 6 Research Tips & Worksheet)

Launching a marketing campaign without knowing your audience is like shooting into the dark. You have no clear target and no concept of what success actually looks like. 

This is why your target market is so important to your business. 

What Is a Target Market?


The term is pretty straightforward. Your target market is a description of who your ideal customers are. When you’re identifying your target market, you need to look at all aspects of who fits into that market, including demographics and psychographics. 

If you’re a marketer, then your market isn’t just your market. It’s your audience. That means you have an obligation to know what your audience wants and where they’re going for the kind of content that’s most meaningful for them.

This remains true for every business in every industry. B2B. B2C. You name it, you need to lay the foundation of your marketing by first understanding your target market. 

The Benefits of Knowing Your Target Market

The advantages of understanding your target market and knowing where your audience hangs out online are numerous.

  • You study who real people in your market are by looking at their online presence within communities. 
  • You find trends and patterns in the content they consume, which informs your content strategy
  • You see how they describe their pain points and learn what kind of language and expressions they respond to. 
  • You gain more information on what they actually don’t like or care about.
  • You see…

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