Hellooo? Anybody out there?

Sometimes, posting on social media can feel like shouting into a void—especially on a high-volume, short-form medium like Twitter. 

You pour time and resources into building an audience, curating and crafting interesting content, and hope your message doesn’t get lost in the mix. You might run paid campaigns to target a specific type of follower with a specific type of message in the hopes that they’ll give you a click.

But with increasing competition for your followers’ finite attention span, getting people to tap on your link is an achievement in and of itself. If the page doesn’t load quickly and show them exactly what they want to see, they’ll bounce.

Put simply, you work hard for engagement—don’t squander those clicks by sending them to a generic web page. Instead, use Twitter landing pages to help you get more value from every follower who clicks.

What is a Twitter Landing Page?

A Twitter landing page is a unique web page created specifically for traffic from a Twitter campaign.

Whether you’re targeting paid or organic traffic, a Twitter landing page is always a better alternative to sending those visitors to your website or a generic product page. In fact, a dedicated landing page is the perfect place to send any clicks you get from social media.

Why? Let’s try this metaphor on for size: 

Sending social media traffic to a generic page is like throwing a giant party that tries to appeal to everyone. There’s a lot of noise,…

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