Chances are if you’re reading this post, you’re either an agency gal (or guy!) like myself, or you are tasked with presenting strategy and ad mockups to either your boss or clients. 

Diane Anselmo wrote a wonderful article, What Clients Want. In this article, she touched on the consultative approach. This, my friends, is what separates a good agency from an indispensable one. Here at Brainlabs, we don’t just give the data and the numbers. We provide data-based decisions to drive recommendations forward. 

So, what does being consultative even mean? It means not just presenting the client with pure data or facts but having the ability to apply that data to make driven decisions. Anybody has the ability to create campaigns, having the ability to communicate the why is what drives you forward.

Why Do Campaign Proposals Matter?

Picture this – your client approaches you and asks you to create a campaign promoting their product. Sounds simple, right? When I first started in PPC, I wasn’t sure the best way to present information to the client. Creating campaigns in the interface and taking screenshots isn’t sufficient enough. In order to speak strategically, you need to present your strategy with enough of a birds-eye view where clients can easily see the long-term impacts of your proposal. You also need to provide them with enough detail so they can see what verbiage you’re using for ad copy, etc. 

I am going to dig deep into a foolproof way I present strategy to…

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