How to Create Location Pages to Boost Local SEO and Drive Traffic Fast

Location pages are important for small and large businesses alike. They help consumers find brands through organic local search.

If your business isn’t optimized for search, now is the time to make an optimized location page so you don’t miss out on a large bulk of potential customers. 

To help you leverage your local content to generate qualified leads, let’s review local SEO best practices and how to design your own local pages for your business. 

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a way for community-facing businesses to increase their local search visibility.

Businesses that are community facing often include brick-and-mortar stores or offices such as grocery stores, a dentist office, and independent bookstores. Other examples include businesses that service a specific geographic area such as a pest control or housekeeping company.

Ranking factors for local SEO includes targeted keywords used in relevant searches conducted on Google and other search engines, local social media engagement, online reviews, and more.


Local landing pages hold more SEO authority for explicit and implicit searches.

An implicit search is someone in Tampa, FL searching for “Italian food,” whereas an explicit search is someone searching for a “hair salon in Miami, FL.” This means your business will likely have good rankings for both types of local searches.

Your business can also increase lead generation opportunities if you have an optimized landing page separate from your…

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