Imagine a potential customer is sitting in their car, waiting to pick up their kids from school. They’ve got 15 minutes to kill, so they pick up their phone and (because they’re 46 and don’t know about TikTok yet) scroll through Facebook.

Between checking out their best friend’s pictures from a tropical vacation and trying to untangle their Aunt Ida’s… uh, “unorthodox” political insights, they see your Facebook advertisement for gorgeous, handmade leather bags.

Your ads reach people like this because of tracking, pixels, lookalike audiences, and all the other technical magic that powers Facebook’s advertising platform. Facebook can see that this potential customer is in the market for a new leather bag (they were just searching for one last night!) and, based on the demographic targeting you’ve applied, shows them your ad.

There are only five minutes left until the school bell rights and children flood out the doors into the car, demanding snacks, Fortnite V-Bucks, and meaningful action to address global climate change. So, your prospect clicks your ad with the intent to buy.

Only… your Facebook ad doesn’t send them where they expected. Instead, it takes them to the homepage of your store. The beautiful leather bag you were advertising is nowhere in sight. Now the kids are in the car, the phone is back in the console, and the sale is lost. Where’d you go wrong?

In this article, we’re going to discuss how dedicated Facebook landing pages help you…

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