How to Build Your Own Website From Scratch in 9 Steps

Did you know there are over 1.7 billion websites online today? You might find that a bit intimidating if you’re planning on building your own site, but don’t. There’s a corner of the internet just for you.

Not everyone can justify the expense of outsourcing their site to a dedicated team of professional web developers or even contracting a web designer. But the good news is you don’t have to. With easy-to-use, no-code website builders, anyone can build their own website with a little time and effort—and without any programming skills.

We’ll walk you through how to build your own website from scratch in just nine steps:

1-Choose a domain name

2-Register the domain

3-Find hosting for your site

4-Settle on your website design

5-Add your integrations

6-Create your core pages

7-Add content to your website

8-Set up social media accounts

9-Test everything before going live

Here’s how.

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