How to Build Back Customer Loyalty After Covid-19

Improving and measuring customer loyalty is crucial for every business in gaining visibility and profit – allowing businesses to not only retain loyal customers for the long-term, but capitalize on this to attract new customers.

But when Covid-19 restrictions began, the importance of customer loyalty became even more apparent. Consumer spending was at an all-time low globally, meaning word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat purchases became crucial for many businesses. 66% of consumers would keep buying from their preferred brand, even if that company is competing against a “more innovative” business, showing how powerful consumer loyalty can be. 

In this article, we’ll explore 6 tactics you can use to boost your brand’s customer experience and build brand advocates that last once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

1. Offer Quality Omnichannel Customer Service 24/7

Omnichannel customer service refers to collecting information and data about individual consumers across various engagement channels, while in their complete lifecycle.

2/3 of customers get irritated if they find themselves having to continuously repeat themselves to different support representatives; omnichannel customer service helps to reduce this common pain point.

To understand how omnichannel systems work, imagine that you’re a service provider and a customer visits your website, goes through some plans, but exits without making a purchase. After some time, the customer revisits your…

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