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This post contains 9 proven link building strategies that are working GREAT right now.

(In 2021)

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1. Use Data to Get Links From News Sites and Blogs

In one of my recent guides I covered how to use HARO to become a source for reporters.

And that’s something you should DEFINITELY be doing.

But HARO connects you with journalists who are planning features in advance.

And what else do reporters do? They report the news of course! And news doesn’t work on a set schedule.

So… if there’s breaking news related to your niche, that’s a HUGE opportunity to pick up mentions and links.

Here’s what to do:

1. Monitor the news for new mentions of your site’s main topics

The easiest way to do that is by setting up a Google alert or BuzzSumo Alert.

2. Reach out to reporters with added VALUE

If you’re going to get a link from a news site, you’re going to have to put in some work.

You have to provide real value to the reporter. And ideally, make their life easier.

Reaching out and saying “I see you wrote about this, I wrote about it too.” will quickly get you flagged as a spammer.

How do you provide value? Here are some ideas:

  1. Give them a quote with personal insight from your industry. Include your credentials.
  2. Offer unique data or statistics.
  3. Offer an alternative take.
  4. Create an infographic or custom visual that they can embed in their story.

Whichever way you…

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