8 Elements that Make Your Next Piece of Content Even Better than Your Last

Getting your first paid writing gig is really exciting.

It’s an accomplishment and a turning point. You might actually be “allowed” to call yourself a writer now.

And there’s no doubt it can be the start of feeling like a real writer.

But building a real writing business, rather than just getting an occasional job that involves writing, is a long journey.

This week, we mapped out the positioning and tactics that grow your writing services into a resource that drives real business results — so that you can thrive as a creative professional.

On Monday, Brian Clark asked: Who’s the Hero in Your Business?

The correct answer may surprise you.

On Tuesday, Sonia Simone offered 7 Ways to Find Readers and Subscribers When No One Knows You Yet.

Her techniques will get momentum going for your business, but they aren’t quick fixes. Be prepared to put in the work.

And on Wednesday, I outlined 3 Steps to Hone the Skill that Can Advance Your Career as a Writer.

When companies and publishers hire writers, they look for the skill that I help you strengthen.

Are you a professional writer who wants better clients and more recognition?

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It teaches writers with strong voices and solid techniques how to use their words to sell, both for themselves and their clients.

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