How to Boost Engagement with Tactical Local Email Marketing

In spite of  — or perhaps because of — its age, email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to accomplish outreach, retain customers, and boost engagement. Assuming you go about it the right way, that is!

When it comes to email marketing, the tactic’s impact never seems to halt, yet it’s one that most local businesses either don’t use or aren’t measuring. 

Don’t just take my word for it, though — the numbers on email marketing’s ubiquity and success don’t lie.

As you can see, email has enormous potential for creating greater audience engagement, improving traffic, and strengthening your business’s relationships with local customers and communities. And that means it has some very real applications for local businesses. 

Let’s start with a more general overview before drilling down to the specifics.

How can email marketing empower local businesses?

The real strength of email lies in its capacity to boost engagement, thereby increasing traffic numbers to your client’s website. 

By effectively segmenting your audience and leveraging your understanding of what they’re looking for, you can direct qualified leads to whatever sections of the site will best resonate with them. This offers several benefits for local businesses — from an optimization perspective and beyond:

  • Reduced bounce rates. Users who subscribe to receive email notifications about your brand are, by definition, more interested in what you have to…

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