Joshua Hardwick

Looking to become an SEO expert but have no clue where to begin?

With demand for SEO professionals higher than ever and average hourly rates sitting between $75-$150, there’s a clear financial incentive to get good at SEO.

But with no colleges offering degrees in SEO, it’s up to you to carve your own path in the industry.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to break into the field and kickstart your journey to becoming an SEO expert in 8 simple steps.

What do we really mean by “SEO expert”?

Expert is a relative term. You might see me as an SEO expert, but someone with more experience like Rand Fishkin almost certainly wouldn’t.

No matter how much you learn about SEO, there’ll always be someone that knows more.

For that reason, your goal shouldn’t be to become an SEO expert per se. It should be to learn enough to get results consistently.

8 steps to become an SEO expert

Follow this simple process to go from SEO newbie to SEO pro.

  1. Learn how search engines work;
  2. Understand the three key ranking factors;
  3. Master the four main buckets of SEO;
  4. Start a website;
  5. Niche down;
  6. Create systems and delegate;
  7. Never stop learning;
  8. Be patient

1. Learn how search engines work

Google’s index contains trillions of web pages, which is built primarily from crawling the web.

When you type a query into Google, it pulls all matching pages.

Because there are often millions of relevant results, Google’s algorithm then ranks them based on hundreds of factors. Nobody knows what all of these factors are…

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