Hardly any positive concept will be called “cannibalization” by professionals, right? Indeed, multiple efforts in reaching organic and paid traffic can lead to disrupting each other’s results and practically cannibalizing your profits. Let’s find out what this term is about and how marketers can combat it.

What is cannibalization in marketing?

This term refers to a situation in paid search campaigns or organic promotion when your assets (web pages or ad sets) targeted at the same query become competitors to each other. This prevents both of them from getting significant solo results.  

  • In PPC (paid traffic), it means that several ad sets compete for being shown for the identical keyword. 
  • In SEO (organic traffic), cannibalization is for having two or more site pages shown in the search results for the same query. 

Targeting the same query for multiple items 

Why is it bad when several pages or ads compete for a certain query? Common sense logic will say that it is better to have a chance to take multiple shots at the target, yielding a higher probability to hit. However, it’s not so in the digital world. 

When two or more pages on your site rank for a particular keyword, the following scenarios can take place, and you will not be happy with the outcome in any case:

  • Search engine algorithms may decide to rank better, not the page you’d want, but the weaker page, which will ultimately decrease your…

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