How to avoid Google penalties

If you used spam methods to promote your website, Google will penalize your site. It can be very difficult to recover from a website penalty. This article shows you how to avoid Google penalties. You’ll also learn how to recover from a Google penalty.

Important: avoid things that Google doesn’t like

Google will penalize your website if you did something that Google does not like.

Google says that you should avoid automatically generated content. You should not participate in link schemes, you shouldn’t create pages with little or no original content. Do not cloak your web pages and avoid sneaky redirects, hidden text or links, doorway pages and scraped content.

It’s also not good if your website consists of affiliate links without without adding sufficient value. You also shouldn’t load your web pages with irrelevant keywords and you should not use rich snippet markup that is not related to the page. Of course, creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other badware can also lead to a penalty.

A penalty is not the same as a filter

Before you start, you have to find out if Google really penalized your website. A penalty is a manual action from Google. Log in to Google Search Console to find out if your website has been penalized. If there isn’t a message in GSC, your website hasn’t been penalized.

If you see a massive ranking drop although your website hasn’t been penalized, your website might have been hit by a…

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