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EngageBay Review: How to Automate and Scale Your Sales and Marketing

Getting a holistic view of your customer journey is complex…

From touchpoints on multiple channels right through to a product purchase or form submission, there are hundreds of moving parts and numerous fail points.

The problem is, most businesses simply don’t understand the whole picture.

But it’s not your fault…

As I said, sales and marketing in a digital world is multi-lever, multi-layer, and head-throbbingly complex!

Sure, you’re making sales, but are you missing opportunities? How confident are you of your current tools and systems when it comes to scaling up?

I recently had the opportunity to try out sales and marketing automation software, EngageBay.

Today, I’d like to share with you my experience in this EngageBay review.

I’ve tried dozens of email marketing platforms and CRMs in my time and EngageBay has really caught my attention.

It’s simple to navigate, has a full suite of tools from touchpoint to sale, and is extremely cost-effective compared to other software on the market.

Let’s dive in…

EngageBay Overview

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service automation solution with free CRM.

When I say “all-in-one” I truly mean it.

You can use EngageBay to attract and engage your target audience and then turn them into happy long-term customers.

The EngageBay software is broken up into three logical areas: Marketing, Sales, and Service.

The cool thing? You can opt to pay for the full suite or just buy the pieces you need.

Let’s take a closer…

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