How to Ask for Reviews for Your Business

Most business owners are aware the power of reviews can have for their business. Reviews can be impactful both positively and negatively, and consumers are increasingly relying on reviews to make decisions about products and services they intend to purchase. 

Generating reviews for your business is a critical component of SEO, specifically local SEO. First-hand reviews help build your brand and reputation, while 3rd party reviews offer proof your company does or sells what it says it does. 

Online reviews are referrals for your business. Having consistent, positive sentiment being offered about your business is a great way to stand out among your competitors. People will trust what is said about you more than they will trust what is said by you.

Below I will break down why your business should invest in attaining reviews, benefits of reviews, sites you should focus on, and how to ask for reviews.

Why you should ask for reviews

There are many great benefits to attaining reviews for your business. One of the main benefits is that reviews build trust in your business and brand.

Continually being recognized in your reviews as the best, most reviewed, expert, timely, etc. by customers is invaluable. These reviews can also assist you in driving new messaging for your business. If you see a pattern in review communication, you can begin to turn that into a core message. For instance, if many of your reviews are mentioning how timely you perform your services, you can add…

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