Besides building brand awareness, YouTube ads can help drive relevant traffic to your site in several ways.

One way we can drive traffic from our video ad viewers is to use sitelink extensions. Sitelink extensions for video campaigns are very similar to how sitelink extensions work for our Search Network campaigns.

However, there are some notable differences between how this extension works between the two networks which are exactly what I’ll cover in this post. 

You Must Be Running a TrueView for Action Campaign

In order to run a TrueView for Action campaign you have to select one of the following goal objectives for your video campaign. 

  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Website traffic

When you choose one of these campaign goals, the subtype will automatically be to drive conversions. A TrueView for Action campaign will also only have Target CPA or Maximize Conversions as your bidding strategy options. 

Within the campaign setup, you can find the Ad Extensions section just under your Content Exclusions. This is where you can add your sitelink extensions to your YouTube campaign. Notice how this is a campaign-level setting. You cannot apply sitelink extensions at the ad group level or to individual videos. If you need to have different sitelink extensions for different targeting options or different video creatives, you have to create a new campaign. 

You have to add at least two sitelink extensions for them to appear along with your ad. Your ad…

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