Listing Summary

Step 11. Check that the uploaded information is accurate. If some of the data had errors, the file won’t upload and instead you will get an error message. You will have the option to download a file which highlights these errors. All you’ll need to do is correct them and re-upload the file again.

Once all locations have been added, they will be claimed automatically and will go through a verification cycle. They will be marked as “Verified”, and once they go live (within one to two weeks) they will be marked as “Published”.

The summary and status of your listings will be shown on the main dashboard:

If you ever need to add a new location, you can simply go through the steps to update the locations file. Download the file, add the new location information to the template upload the file again. This way you will not need to worry about verifying the branch separately. 

Remember, you can manage several chain businesses within one account, but you will need to register each one separately.

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